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Here at Blue Cottage we are not just a store. We are a place where you can bring something new to your home. Let us know what your vision is and let us bring it to life.


The meaning of Blue in art is the symbol for loyalty, humility, modesty while in dreams it means a dubious success. It indicates comfort, safety, aristocracy and loyalty soothing effects.

Jerry Hobson

To be a successful designer you must first be a good listener. Great design comes from knowing your clients needs, desires to transform their living space. Maybe they are wanting to just update a room or transform several spaces. Either way, by understanding who they are is the right step to a successful relationship and great design.
My love of fabrics and design came at a early age. I remember reading Nate Burkas book and him describing the feeling when his parents allowed him to have the basement for his own bedroom. He was elated at the possibilities of what he could do . I can remember seeing spaces as a child and in my mind I was rearranging them. Nothing has changed after all these years I still get excited about transforming clients living spaces and seeing the excitement on their faces and the new excitement they have about their home. I started the love of fabrics when I worked for a clothing manufacturing which lead me to Calvin Klein. Like good home design dressing women was a great pleasure also. It is always about the transformation. Before opening The Blue Cottage in St. Petersburg FL. I have worked with CHD Interiors for the last five years. There were two locations in Murrells Inlet, Mt Pleasant near Charleston SC. A wealth of knowledge and experience was gained as I worked with many clients. I am still working with clients in SC and NC as I am operating The Blue Cottage.
It is important to make house feel like a home. This is achieved in many ways. From the right wood & metal finishes, fabric, paint color down to the right accessories. Good design is all about the right choices details. I look forward to meeting and helping you in transforming your living space. At the Blue Cottage Home we believe a home should be a happy  and beautiful place. Let us help you make that happen.
Jerry Hobson


Rafe Black

The key to understanding the needs of my sophisticated clients is listening. I help my clients collect their thoughts and ideas, express their tastes, and then stretch their imaginations.

I grew up surrounded by the arts. Not only have I brought my Southern sense of style and sophistication to the West Coast, I also hold a degree in Interior Design. Some of my recent projects include private residences in Buckhead, Atlanta, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Jose, Saratoga, Palm Springs, Palm Beach and Orlando, to name a few.
I enjoy making the home more Comfortable, functional, and attractive. I love what I do and delight in the faces of my clients when the job is done.
Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, Rafe Black Interiors is best known for combining the advantages of today’s technology with traditional design methods.
As a full service design firm, I can assist you in all phases of your design. From conceptual ideas to the selection and purchase of your furnishings. I keep up-to-date on the latest styles, trends, and ideas, and offer creative, functional, affordable solutions to problem areas. My training in design and color has helped me evolve into an innovative and diverse designer. My unique style blends classical elegance with a contemporary feel.
Your satisfaction is my goal.
Presented are some of my current and past projects. Each shows my innovation, originality, imagination, and resourcefulness.
Knowing that my clients have visions for their homes, I enjoy the challenges Presented. I want to meet the needs of my clients and design to their tastes and lifestyles.
Space design is the interpretation and organization of your needs, working carefully and attentively with all persons involved.
The process of transforming your vision into reality can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience.
I have over 20 years of expertise in leading clients through the creative process.
I have accomplished many projects using a professional approach while constantly focusing on the needs of the individual, their living environment, and budget.